Located beside the historic landmark, Canada Place, Miku finds its new home along the waterfront, joining the beautiful Vancouver skyline. The view here always catches my eye and brings to mind the beauty and charm of this city, created by the harmony between nature and people. While I have frequented Miku in the past, this is my first time visiting since the move to the new location. I take a step towards the entrance, filled with a childlike excitement and great expectations. Immediately the bustle of the open kitchen catches my attention.

The chefs are highly skilled and work seamlessly as a team; their passion and pride in their work is made evident by the uncompromised cuisine executed from the kitchen. Watching them work as I enter the restaurant makes me all the more aware of my growing appetite.

Situated stately near the front, the unique bar and lounge area is filled with guests. Floor to ceiling windows showcase the scenic harbor background while a variety of drinks dot the bar as the lively buzz of friendly conversation falls upon my ears. Only at a truly great dining establishment will you be able to find a scene as picturesque at this one. And the lounge is just the opening act; the headliner is just about to start. My anticipation grows as I am led to the patio seat.

The North Shore mountains are capped with springtime snowfall. The mountain range looks as breathtaking as ever, like a masterpiece painting. The hum of the seaplanes fading into the horizon and the scenic harbor against the mountain backdrop make for a very relaxing atmosphere. This calls for a nice cold beer.

My server brings over a beer and I peruse the menu. Miku undoubtedly knows that their Aburi sushi here is unparalleled. It is a unique flavour that you can only taste here. He asked if it was alright for him to explain the menu. While I am quite familiar with what they offer at Miku, I decided to listen as I enjoyed my beer.



Our Address:

70-200 Granville Street, Granville Square (Canada Place Way and Howe Street) Vancouver, BC, Canada V6C 1S4


49.2870468, -123.1128433